The East End Butcher Boy

Here’s The Link,

I’m new to all this blogging lark! The East End Butcher Boy took two years to write, another year to re-write and edit and then only about five minutes to self publish!
It starts in 1972, me, a cocky fourteen year old kid gets a Saturday job at the local Butcher’s shop. All is not what it seems. It becomes a “front” for all sorts of skulduggery.
It’s a “true” story but the names and some of the dates have been changed for obvious reasons. Some wounds never heal. It will take you on a journey back to a time without CCTV cameras, when “anything” was possible. You’ll laugh at times and maybe have a tear in your eye as well. If you read it and would like to contact me to comment. Please do. I’ll do my best to answer.
Enjoy the ride!