Who Is Jack Winter?

He heard his name called but his body was incapable of movement.
A hand violently shook his shoulder from behind. His eyes snapped open. His brain desperately trying to make sense of what was happening.
“Jack, for fucks sake, it’s almost eight. I need to get going!”
He looked around the room. His eyes trying to focus. It felt as though a bee had stung the inside of his nose and throat. He was aware of a dark skinned woman getting out of his bed and putting on clothes.
“Don’t just lay there you moron! Call me a cab, I need to get home!”
He rubbed his eyes and turned to face her. For a split second she stopped dressing and looked straight at him.
“Jesus Jack, you look like shit.”
He didn’t argue for two reasons. Firstly, he couldn’t speak and secondly the woman was probably right. His left hand reached over to a bedside table and picked up a phone. He dialled a number then handed the phone to the woman. She spoke quickly. There was an urgency in her voice.
“Cab please. From 124 Belmont Place going over to Wandsworth.”
She turned her face away from the phone and shouted.
“Rachel, do you wanna share a cab.”
A naked blonde haired woman wearing five inch stilettos appeared from the bathroom. She put on a large fur coat and shrugged her shoulders. “Okay.”
The other woman continued.
“Right, then on to Brixton. Oh and it’s on Mister Jack Winters account. So hurry!”
He vaguely heard her say something about helping herself to their fee from his wallet. He didn’t care, she could take what she liked. The company would end up paying anyway. Everything went down as expenses. A few moments later he heard the front door open and then slam shut.
Thank fuck, they were gone. The room around him was a mess. Three empty bottles of scotch, two of vodka, and it looked like there’d been a fucking snow storm all over the bedside table.
He heaved his heavy bulk up from the bed and sat up straight. His fat belly covering his manhood. He urgently needed to urinate but the effort seemed too great. He reasoned that pissing in his pants whilst sitting on the bed wasn’t a great option but then again neither was pissing all over the bathroom floor. He knew he’d never make it all the way to the toilet. He was right. With his pants around his ankles he waddled his way along the hallway and started to piss just as he opened the bathroom door. Fucking prostate!
His cock span around like an out of control garden hose, spraying warm pee everywhere. Eventually he managed to grab it and point it at the basin. He stood there for a full ten minutes. His eyes were open but saw nothing. He heard his phone ring. Fuck, it was in the bedroom.
He walked out of the bathroom pulling up his wet pants as he did so. He answered the call but didn’t speak. A voice spoke to him.
“Good morning sir, you told me to call you at eight o’clock so that’s what I’m doing. The car will come for you in an hour.”
He mumbled “Phanks.” Then switched the phone off.
He had an hour. An hour to get himself ready for the day ahead. An hour to become the person that everyone thought he was.
Coffee. That’s what he needed, strong black coffee then a cold shower. He fired up the expresso machine in his kitchen and waited. The three minutes it took seemed like a lifetime. Once poured he drank it down. It was hot but he didn’t care. Three cups took nine minutes. The caffeine was like a shot of vodka and hit his system in the same way. He felt the buzz, the rush. His body was beginning its recovery.
He walked back along the hallway and into the bathroom, he’d forgotten about all the piss on the floor, he slipped and landed on his arse. Luckily his arse was fat enough to cushion the blow. He sat there for a moment and looked around him. His name was Jack Winter, he was forty six years old, twice divorced, had just spent nine hundred and fifty quid on two high class hookers and was now sitting in a puddle of his own piss. He laughed. Who the fuck was he?
He stood up took off his pants and walked into the shower. He turned on the cold tap. The freezing water make his entire body shiver. He didn’t bother with shampoo or soap, just let the ice cold water cleanse him. After a few minutes he turned off the tap and stepped out. As he was drying himself he noticed something on the windowsill. A small glass bowl containing a number of coloured tablets. It was like seeing an old friend again after a few years apart. He didn’t know the names of these pills. He really didn’t care. He just knew that twenty minutes after taking them he would feel on top of the world. Blues and greens was what he called them because of their colours. He thought he’d run out but the girls must have brought them last night. They usually did. They knew what he liked and they knew he didn’t care what he paid.
He poured a glass of water and swallowed two pills. One of each colour. It would take a while for them to kick in but when they did WOW!
He stood in front of the mirror naked. The sight before him wasn’t pretty. His body was out of control. His waist was now three inches bigger than his chest. Luckily he could afford to have his shirts and suits made for him. The company paid of course, everything went down as expenses. He grabbed a white shirt out of the wardrobe and a blue tie. He put on a clean pair of pants and then chose a dark blue pinstriped suit. Black socks and black leather brogues completed the outfit.
He slicked his hair back with gel and squirted after shave onto his hands. He slapped his cheeks hard with both palms. The tablets were beginning to work their magic. Just one more thing to do and he would be ready. He had a simple rule in life. Never go to work without having either a line of coke or a large scotch. He walked into the kitchen and opened up one of the cupboards. He took out a bottle of twelve year old malt whisky and poured himself a very large glass. He downed it in one. The line of coke would have to wait until mid-morning. It would be his elevenses.
The mixture of caffeine, scotch and tablets was having its usual beneficial effect. He felt alive, confident, eager to take on the world. NOW he was ready.
He put on his Omega wristwatch and saw that the time was ten to nine. Perfect. He had a meeting with some Chinese guy at the office at nine thirty. The car would be downstairs and he had only a short distance to travel.
He closed the door of his company paid flat, walked down a flight of stairs and into the cold fresh air. The black car was waiting as always. He walked towards it and smiled at the middle aged man in the dark suit that was standing by the open back door. The man spoke to him with a slight northern accent.
“Good morning Minister. You have a meeting with the Chinese ambassador at the house in thirty minutes.”
“Thank you Roger. Best be on our way then.”
He sat in the back of the Limousine and smiled. Jack Winter, The Honourable Member of Parliament for East Romford had now become the person they all wanted him to be.